Apr 08

New Concept On GraceWhen I start my day one of the things I pray is that God will help me that this will be the best day of my life and that this year 2010 will be the best year of my spiritual life.

That doesn’t mean I am looking to prosper finnacially, or that things will all go well where I attend church meeting, but that I will prosper in my soul and become more like Jesus.

I Rejoice In Trials

God is in control and I fear not trials, conflict, disappointments, or financial problems. All that comes my way will be for my good.

I have opened up my arms and embrace my trials and it thrills me to watch the glorious grace of God work in my soul.

It is my desire to live free from willful or known sin, free from fleshly living, free from ny kind of carnality, to do good to all men, to love God will all my heart, soul, might, and strength, to live a selfless live of service to others, and to have the fruits of the Spirit abounding in my life.

A New Outlook About Grace

I started a new practice this month that when ever I am tempted with any temptation I stop right away what ever I am doing and pray to God for more grace.

From doing his I developed a new concept that I want feed back on.

According to Mat 24:12 when you are around sin it can cause your love for God to grow cold. Exposure to sin (Mat 24:12), being tempted (Heb 4:16), doing things that are after the flesh – even lawful things (Rom 8:13), uses the grace God gives you.

You get grace by reading and studying the Bible in the spirit (Rom 10:17), prayer (Jude 1:20), meditation (Rom 12:2; 1Tim 4:15), and memorization (Ps 119:11).

When we read, study, pray, meditate, and memorize we must not be just seeking grace but seeking the grace giver. If we just go thought the motions and think this will give us grace we will find out that it doesn’t work this way. So I am seeking the giver not the gift.

A New Outlook On Temptations

So now I have a new out look on temptation. When I am tempted it is a reminder to pray and seek the giver. The stronger the temptation the more I feel my need of God and the more I need the grace of God in my life.

For example every time I see immodesty while I am working on my computer I stop, take time to pray for grace, and then thank God for victory over the unlawful desires of the flesh, eyes, and mind. I ask God to increase my holy hatred for sin, self, the flesh, the devil, and ask that he will increase my love for him, Jesus, the Word, prayer, and selfless holy living.

The New Concept

So here is this new idea that I want to share. By reading, studing, and memorizing the Word, by praying in the Spirit, and by meditating on spiritual things we fill up our soul with the grace and power of God. When we go thought temptations, are around wickedness, and live after the flesh in any way, we deplete the grace and power of God out of our soul.

Now when I started doing praying after every temptation I wasn’t thinking of this concept but I was thinking I am weak and needed the power of God in my life. But as I was praying to God when I saw some immodesty on the computer this morning this thought came to my mind and it produced a huge smile on my face!

Fill Up With Grace In The Morning

This goes right along with other principles I that have been sharing with others. When I hear of Christians that don’t pray and read in the morning but leave devotions to the last thing in the day, I tell them you don’t need grace for when you are sleeping you need grace through out your day when you are under temptation.

I am not saying you don’t need grace in the evening when you retire to keep pure in your thoughts and actions as you drift off to sleep, but that the main time you need grace is when you are out in the world working or for the trials of day to day living in the home.

I have heard some teaching that when the Israelis when out to gather manner that was a type of morning devotions. They had to go out before the sun came up to gather manna. If they waiting into the day it was all gone and they couldn’t get two days supply in one day, except where God deemed it so for the Sabbath, as it would go bad.

Get into the Word and prayer first thing in the morning. And don’t think you get gather grace Monday evening for Tuesday as it doesn’t work that way.

So How Do We Apply This

Let us as Christians be full of the power and grace of God. Let us purpose in our hearts each day that we will die before we will commit a willful or known sin. If we are tempted don’t try to go it on your own but go right away to prayer. If you come under strong temtation have a spiritual prayer partner that you can call who will pray with you and keep you accountable.

Have a good assortment of spiritual rocks (scriptures) in your bag (memory) ready to sling them at every giant of the devil that comes along.

Rocks You Should Have In Your Bag

Rom 8:37 more than conquerors
1Cor 10:13 make a way of escape
1Cor 15:57 giveth us the victory
2Cor 2:14 always causeth us to triumph
2Cor 9:8 all grace abound toward you
2Cor 12:9-10 my grace is sufficient
Eph 1:3 blessed us with all spiritual blessings
Eph 1:19 exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward
Eph 6:13 that ye may be able to stand
Phil 2:13 to will and to do
Col 1:29 which worketh in me mightily
1Ti 1:14 grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant
2Thess 3:3 keep you from evil
Heb 4:16 find grace to help in time of need
2Pet 1:3 given unto us all things
2Pet 1:10 ye shall never fall
1Joh 4:4 greater is he that is in you
1Joh 5:4-5 whosoever is born of God overcometh
Jude 1:24 able to keep you from falling

Give Me Feedback On This

I would like to hear via comments or personal email what you all think of this. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to “New Concept On Grace”

  1. 1. Henry Says:

    I think that if you find victory over sin with this method, you should continue to use it and develop it as you go. I believe the heart of the matter(sin) is faith. Any thing that helps to increase your faith should be given top priority. May the Lord increase your faith that you may help to build up those around you.

  2. 2. Lanny Says:

    I believe what you have hit upon is how I define grace: “God’s enablement.” it is not a “filling up,” but an enablement by God to fulfill spritual tasks (i.e., overcoming temptation, exercising gifts, giving, etc.). It must have been a Calvinist who limited the definition of grace to “God’s unmerited favor.” Whether in salvation (“prevenient grace”) or in the Christian life (enabling grace) God gives the means necessary to do His will and work.

  3. 3. bob Says:

    Hi Lanny,

    That one aspect of grace is God’s enablement is quite clear from Heb 4:16 “grace to help in time of need”. How ever I am referring to a concept that is different than that. We need God’s grace new every day. To bear trials, temptation, to rule over the flesh, to be exposed to unrighteousness all require the grace of God. We get grace through seeking the givers not for grace. We seek the giver of grace in reading, study, meditating, and memorizing of the scriptures and through prayer.

    I wanted to introduce this concept to make Christians think and also to get some feedback from the blogs readership.



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