Feb 04

I took the Bowflex 20 Minute Better Body Workout and I am using it for my starting routine.

I am doing 2 sets of 15 reps for each exercise and have tried to pick a weight where I hit fatigue by the 15th rep. I will tweak the weights as I go.

This routine is just to get me going and using the Bowflex. I plan on finding an fitness instructor who is experienced with the Bowflex. I will get them to set me up on a routine that will cover all the difference muscle groups and all the different exercises that the Bowflex Ultima 2 can do.

Today I took my time on the Bowflex to make sure I was doing all the exercises right. The manual has instructions, a start and half way though picture, and tips for each exercise. It will take me a while to get all the exercises down well and find out where my fatigue weight is for each exercise.

Here is what I did on the Bowflex today.

Bowflex: 1hr 22mins

Bench Press 100lbs 2×15
Seated Abdominal Crunch 100lbs 2×15
Low Back Extension 160lb 2×15
Seated Lat Rows 100lb 2×15
Lying Triceps Extension 100lb 2×15
Standing Biceps Curl 100lb 2×15
Standing Lateral Shoulder Raise 40lb 2×15
Seated Calf Press 260lbs 2×15
Leg Extension 50lbs 2×15
Leg Curl Knee 40lb 2×15

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