Jun 18

Here is the Wheatgrass I currently have growing.

New Wheatgrass Trays:
New Wheatgrass Trays

Nearing Harvest Wheatgrass Trays:
Wheatgrass Trays Nearing Harvest Time

Upclose Wheatgrass Put Out Today:
Wheatgrass Trays Put Out Today

Upclose Wheatgrass Put Out 2 Days Ago:
Wheatgrass Out For Two Days

Upclose Wheatgrass Planted To Thick:
Wheatgrass Kernels Planted To Thick

Upclose Wheatgrass I Cut Back Once:
Wheatgrass Cut Back Once

Upclose My Best Wheatgrass Trays:
My Best Wheatgrass Tray

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