Feb 25

Lean protein, fats, and vegetables is the order of the day. So I have come up with a fat salad that I will be dividing into each of my meals.

Fat Salad

The Precision Nutrition System calls for 1/3 of your calories to come from fats. I made up one for dinner. See a picture of to the right.

Below is what is in my daily fat salad. I will post this on the Precision Nutrition forum under PN Diet 30% Fats — How does this look and see what kind of comments it get. More than likely there will be changes.

130g Fat Salad 615 Calories:
1tbsp extra virgin olive oil 40c
2tbsp avocado 70c
10g of cashew 58c
10g of almonds 61c
10g of Brazil nuts 68c
10g or filberts 64c
10g of pine nuts 64c
10g of sunflower seeds 58c
10g of pumpkin seeds 62c
10g of walnuts 70c

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