Apr 14

Working For God

In all labor there is profit. But mere talk leads only to poverty.
– Pro 14:23 NASB

Today I had a very good time of prayer and weeping before the Lord, asking for him to help me to be more of what he wants me to be, to help me to get a deeper concern for those that are lost, and offering much thanksgiving for what he has done in and for me.

Then, in my daily reading of the chapter of Proverbs that matches the day of the month, the Lord blessed this above verse in a very special way.

I had been convicted of the Lord quite a few months ago to spend more time laboring for the salvation of souls; which I have been doing.

In that time I have joined the Gideon Bible Society and have been doing more tract work. Some weeks I have been able to make the time to go and do tract work on the streets of London almost daily.

The Lord has been progressively leading me to spend less time on the pursuits of this passing world that will make no difference in heaven, and to spend more time laboring for the Lord and working on my own spiritual experience.

About eight months ago the Lord led me to give up listening to the radio and listen to Bible tapes instead, and to read the scriptures and spiritual books more instead of magazines and newspapers.

In the last month, I have been giving some thought to giving up playing chess on the Internet and over the board, reading international news on the Internet and in books, and reading electronic gadget and electric vehicle blogs on the Internet.

On the average I spend about 2 to 3 hours a day and some times more on these pursuits. Chess I consider a mental exercise and I really enjoy doing chess puzzles and following the super GM tournament news and new developments in chess openings at the super GM level.

With international news I like to keep up on the Israel-Palestine conflict, US and global economic developments, the nuclear developments in North Korea and Iran, the drug wars in Mexico, global warming, and a long list of other subjects.

With electronic gadgets I like to keep on top of the technology that is moving and shaking in the computer field, and with electric vehicles I am looking for ways to go more green, and one of these ways is to purchase an electric or hybrid car.

I have been moving slow in making rules of myself and forsaking lawful enjoyments, realizing if the Lord is not in it, it will just end up being bondage to me and a hindrance to my spiritual walk.

I also have been careful to not pick up a self-righteous attitude in thinking I am doing better than those who do these things, or being judgmental of others that use their time like I used to.

The consideration is to take a break for 6 months and spending that time in spiritual pursuits, and when that time is up, review and make changes.

There are many things that I could replace this time with. The list is almost endless. Here are a few things that come to mind:

Reading and studying the Bible, reading spiritual books, more time in prayer, writing spiritual articles for this blog, memorizing the scriptures, studying Koine Greek, publishing more booklets, putting booklet racks in stores, street preaching and tract work, door-to-door distribution of Gideon Bibles, spending time with brethren in mutual spiritual sharing, making more Christian friends, and visiting and spending more time with the unsaved and spiritually weak.

The concern I have is to not be legalistic with myself, but at the same time to utilize extra time I can free up in such as way that I would rather spend my time doing the things I have replaced my time with rather than going back to the other pursuits.

So now I come to the verse at the beginning of this post: “Mere talk leads only to poverty” but “in all labor there is profit.”

So I guess the time has come to stop thinking about how I could be spending my time better, as this only leads me to stay in the same spiritual position I currently am in. It is time for me to more forward and labor in the things I feel the Lord is laying on my heart and experience the spiritual profit.

Please pray for me that I will be faithful to the Lord’s leading.

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2 Responses to “More Walk, Less Talk”

  1. 1. Primitive Christianity Says:

    This blesses me. Of course there will be those who call it “legalism”. But just rest assured that legalism is NOT “making practical applications to holy living”. Rather, legalism IS “scrutinizing the letter, often looking for an escape to application.”
    Perhaps Charles Finney’s article on Innocent Amusements would be of an encouragement to you in this area.
    Forward in holiness and charity.

  2. 2. bobmutch Says:

    Hi Mike; Yes I know some people will call this legalism. My point on raising the issue of legalism is to note that making rules even for just ourselves can bring us personally into bondage and legalism IF the Lord is not leading us into the rules we make for ourselves.

    Now the rules I am talking about or not rules to not partake in carnal and worldly amusements but rules and guidelines on how to spend my time more productive — the forsaking of lawful things to plunge deeper into the concern of Jesus for saving the lost and to help the sheep that are with out a shepherd and have been scattered by the harlot church.

    Like the Israelis of old we must not move ahead to fast so that we get out from underneath the cloud. We must move as the cloud or the glory of God moves in our live.

    It is the business of the devil to either draw us back into the bondage of selfish and carnal living or to push us ahead of the Lord and into the bondage of rules and regulations that are “too high for me”.

    We also mush guard against pride, self-righteousness, and being judgmental when we make a move for God.

    I am taking steps forward carefully, slowly, and prayerfully.

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