Oct 06

1. Free from Sin — Free not just the penalty and the love of sin, but the power and the pollution of sin, and desiring to go and be with Jesus where they will be free from the presence of sin. They are not free from just practicing sin, nor have they just stopped doing “big” or outward sins, but they are saved completely from committing any sin.

2. Humble — You can correct them and they will take it with grace and not react by pointing out your faults. They are not braggers and boasters, they don’t dominate the conversation, and they are not always talking about themselves and what they are doing. They have a low opinion of their own abilities. They tend to be more aware of their lacks and needs then of their strengths and abilities.

4. Love Everyone — They always want to give the other person the benefit of the doubt. They don’t hold grudges, and they love those that do them wrong. They are not quick to believe every rumor that comes along, and they seem to have something good to say about everyone. Their love goes further than their lips. It is worked out in their life as they go about doing good to all people – but especially to those of the household of faith (Gal 6:10).

5. Joy — They are always happy and it seems like nothing can get them down. The cup is always half full and never half empty. When it is raining they will tell you its good for the crops and that the last storm that just blew through could have been much worse. No matter what trial they have just gone through, everything is just going wonderful. They are a blessing to be around and the positive attitude they have is infectious wherever they go.

6. In Love With Jesus — Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, they are always talking about Jesus. They seem to have a one track mind. Jesus helps with the simplest tasks from finding their keys to their deep spiritual needs. When something good happens, they seem to automatically blurt out “thank you Jesus”. Their whole aim in life is to love Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mar 12:30), and loving their neighbor as themselves – for as they do unto others, they have done unto Jesus (Mat 25:40). They don’t have time for forwarding non-practical teachings, and their main theme is to become more like Christ. They don’t make pet doctrines a test of fellowship, but only want to know that you love and obey Jesus.

7. Always Witnessing — They seem to just have a knack for opening up conversations with others about Jesus. They always have a good stock of tracts with them, and go about planting a little seed here and there. When you ask them how they are doing, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is praises to God. They go about their day dropping words of encouragement and the blessings of God on everyone. They are a delight to be around and provoke other Christians to good works by their example and zeal for God.

They not only witness to the unsaved, but they carry a burden for their fellow Christian. They will ask you how you are doing, how your prayer life has been, what new things the Lord has shown you, and will often let you know they have been praying for you. They will be recommending the latest book they read, talk about some good article they they would be happy to give you a copy of, and often be overly excited about some simple scripture they have been meditating on.

8. Prayerful — They are a praying Christian. They write down the prayer requests they hear and take them home with them. When they talk to others about how to do better in�their Christian walk, one of the first things they will bring up is the importance of prayer. You will find them at the early morning pray meetings and the pre-service prayer meetings. If you ask them how their prayer life is doing, they will probably tell you they need a lot of help in that area, and then go on to tell you the how the Lord came down and blessed them in their soul richly in the last day or two. If you ask them about the important of having a good devotional life, a flood of scriptures on that subject will flow out of their mouth.

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2 Responses to “Marks of a Victorious Life”

  1. 1. Benji Says:

    This article is encouraging and enjoyable. In my own life I have experience like this and have been blessed to know others like this. I just wish I knew more folks like this. That would be very good indeed. So we shall press on to have a testimony like this for His pleasure and ours also.

  2. 2. vondi Says:

    Fantastic article. it truly blessed me. Victory over sin and all things unlike Christ is too seldom taught in today’s world!

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