May 30

B.T. RobertsIf you preach at camp-meeting, be sure and preach the gospel. Do not try to pull down anybody; but hold up Christ.

If you have a grievance against any of your brothers or sisters, do not go to camp-meeting to give them an airing. Slander and ridicule and sarcasm and personal abuse, however merited they may be by those for whom they are designed, are no parts of the means which God has ordained for the salvation of mankind.

Plain preaching need not be provoking. It will not be if it comes from a heart full of tender love. One moved by deep compassion can so utter the most searching truths as to melt instead of madden. Men and women may be cut to the quick; but they will repent under the truth spoken in love, and will not resent what they feel was said from no other motive but to do them good.

Elijah appears to have been severe in his conflicts with the priests of Banal; but he carried the people with him. He destroyed the priests of idolatry; but he did it to rescue their deluded followers. He brought the people back to God. His example gives no support to those who, by their ill-timed denunciations, drive away those who were half-inclined to go with them. If you cannot cast out devils, be careful how you stir up devils.
B.T. Roberts

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