Mar 16

Here is a low calorie snack. 500 grams of sweet green peppers and 200g of Silhouette fruit yogurt. This snack is not only cheap and low calorie but very easy snack to put together. Green Peppers at $1.69 a pound and 12 – 100 gram fruit yogurts for $3.99 at Price Choppers.

So $2.04 for 550 grams of peppers and $0.66 for the yogurt for a total cost of $2.70 and 110 calories on the peppers and 80 calories on the 200 grams of yogurt for a total of 190 calories.

I had 900 grams of green peppers and 4 – 100 gram fruit yogurts today for a evening snack. Next to hot air popped popcorn with no seasoning this is my favorite low calorie filling snack.

Cost: $2.70 and 190 Calories:
Low Calorie Snack

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