Aug 12

Home Collections Fat Analyzer Bathroom ScaleI plan on blogging my meals for 25 days on my way to a 10lb loss with my end target weight being 149.8lb. This series of posts will show you how easy it is to lose 10lbs in 25 days. The concept is easy but it will take hard work (exercise) and self denial (sticking to 1000 calories a day).

The plan is to run a 1000 calorie deficiency daily for 25 days not counting my workout calorie burn. I need to run a calorie deficiency of 1400 calories a day to reach a 10lb loss in 25 days (10lb x 3500calories / 25days = 1400c).

I would also like to point out this is not a yo-yo diet I am doing. I started my weight loss program about 6 months ago when I was at 195lb and I have not yo-yo’ed at all. With a lifestyle change, regular exercise, and daily watching my weight and calorie intake, keeping the weight off that I have lost has been easy.

As a 51 year old male, at 5′-7″, and medium frame my ideal weight is rated by Hamwi, Robinson, Miller, and BMI based calculations to be between 143 and 148. My end target weight is 145.

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