Jan 21

Question and AnswerQuestion: I was just wondering what the deal was with that long title under religious views in your Facebook account?

Answer: Here is the title: Wesleyan-Arminian non-sectarian non-conformist conservative.

1. Wesleyan-Arminian — The following link has a few errors but close enough.

2. Non-sectarian — I am against divisions and sect making. Many that claim to be non-sectarian are the biggest sectarians there are (like the R).

3. Non-conformist — I am going to follow what God shows me even if everyone where I attend doesn’t agree. I won’t make a hobby out of any doctrinal differences but I point people to Jesus and lift high the 2 greatest commandments.

4. Conservative — Let’s just say I believe it is worldly to go swimming in public with out long sleeves, long pants, top button done up, and socks on. But I do my best to not judge others : )

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