May 29

B.T. RobertsThe success of camp-meetings depends very much upon their location. Our experience has demonstrated that it is not profitable to hold them in some neighborhoods.

1. They should not be held on grounds used by others as pleasure grounds. The people come there, not to be instructed, but to be entertained. They will not attend often enough during the week to get sobered down so as to become serious. When they come, it is to visit, to hear “smart preaching,” to criticize. They are joined to their idols. Let them alone.

2. They should not be held where the people are hostile or indifferent. We should not, as a rule, hold camp-meetings where the people do not feel sufficient interest to fit up the ground. This holds true, even where we have no members in the neighborhood.

The smallest attendance we saw at a camp-meeting last summer was about a mile from a city, in a thickly populated neighborhood. The light had been offered to the people, and they had deliberately rejected it. They did not want to be troubled further, and so stayed away.

3. Locate it as conveniently to a depot as you can, and have it in a friendly neighborhood. Do not be afraid of the towns. The people residing in them, generally, are getting so civilized that they will not disturb a properly conducted salvation meeting.
B.T. Roberts

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