Sep 12

UPS just dropped off 8 bottles of toner for my Laserjet 2200.

I drilled one hole in the toner compartment and 2 holes in the excess toner compartment. I should have purchased the Hole Making Tool for $7.95, but I didn’t even know there was such a tool – nor did the sales person do a suggestive sell on the tool. The refill instructions that came with the toners showed a picture of the tool.

When you drill the hole in the toner compartment you risk the chance of the plastic chips from the drilling entering inside the tone compartment and that could cause problems.

After you empty out the excess toner (there wasn’t very much excess toner in the one I just refilled) and you fill the toner compartment, you put some silver tape over the 3 holes (see picture below).

The self test configuration print out shows the page count at 30,008 so it will be interesting to see how many pages the refilled toner cartridge will do. I got around 800 pages on each of the last two toner cartridges I purchased.

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