Aug 16

John WesleyI hold John Wesley in high regard and consider myself Wesleyan-Arminian in doctrine. For those that have an interest in what John Wesley taught, I have posted a number of links below. I would suggest beginning with Wesley’s short book on “Plain Account of Christian Perfection” and then from there perhaps read a number of his sermons. His sermons are listed below by theological topic, alphabetical order, chronological order and by Biblical reference.

I have also included a link to Wesley’s notes, journal, letters, translation of the New Testament, address to clergy and definitions of the vocabulary he used in his writings.

Plain Account of Christian Perfection by John Wesley
John Wesley’s Sermons By Theological Topic
John Wesley’s Sermons By Alphabetical Order
John Wesley’s Sermons By Chronological Order
John Wesley’s Sermons By Biblical Reference
John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes upon the Old and New Testament
John Wesley’s Journal
John Wesley’s Letters Telford’s edition (incomplete)
John Wesley’s Translation of the New Testament
John Wesley’s Address to the Clergy
Definitions of John Wesley’s Vocabulary

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3 Responses to “John Wesley’s Writings”

  1. 1. LeRoy Says:

    Saw your site at Ira’s blog. Nice to make yur acquaintance (so to speak).

    Entire Sanctification is an important and often misunderstood (therefore maligned) subject. It is heartening to see someone even acknowledge it these days.

    Therefore, in the interest of the same, you should also be aware of Charles Finney’s views. His Systematic Theology is great, and Bethany House once published volumes of his collected writings, including one called Principles of Sanctification (Principles of Consecration, Principles of Devotion) that outlines a sane view of Entire Sanctification, with objections answered, and terms defined with good nuance. His thought-out explications bring one to think about if I am entirely sanctified and the real standard God asks of us (wholeheartedness, as we grow, not vain performance, which can be static and dead).

    Asa Mahan was president of Oberlin College, started to provide a place for Finney, the great revivalist/evangelist, to teach. His works also speak of this doctrine.

    These works are painstakingly being reprinted and are available at
    Phone: (989) 637-4179.

    Much of Finney’s material is available online via another friend at

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi LeRoy; Thanks for dropping by and commenting. It is very nice to meet you.

    I have 19 Finney books in my library including his Systematic Theology and principles of sanctification. I reject what is called Oberlin Perfectionism as Finney taught against original sin, accepted a modified version of eternal security, and seems to hold to some sort of an unconditional election.

    I am hold more toward the Wesleyan-Armenian views and believe strongly in and accept the teaching of original sin, salvation from sinning, and entire sanctification as a second work of grace where the Adamic nature is purged out and the soul is empowered to live selfless by the Spirit of God.

    Just for your information the Tappen brothers only agreed to hire Asa if Finny agreed to be head the theological department. The faculty called for the removal of Asa five years later and it was another 10 years before they were able to get him removed while Finny stayed on for another 25 years until his death.

    Still without a doubt Finney was used mighty by God to the saving of souls as was Wesley and Whitfield. There you have them — a semi-pelagian (okay perhaps he was only accused of this), a perfectionist, and a Calvinist all saved, each lived impeccable lives and all were used mighty by God for the saving and establishing of souls.

    I would suggest Hardman’s biography Charles Grandison Finney Revivalist and Reformer. I have read it though twice and I still cry when I read the account of where he died. Such a man of God this Finney was!

    I gave you a link to your site on my Resources Page. If you want to put together a list of Finney’s and even Asa’s main books and send me the links with proper anchor text I will put them up also. As you should know the search engines give a lot of ranking weight to inbound links with the key phrases you are targeting in the anchor text.

    I have just been put out of the R for objects to some of their practices and doctrines and currently are intermittently attending one of the Charity congregations as a visitor. Do you mind asking where you attend meeting and do you have a blog?

  3. 3. Bathroom radiators Says:

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