Aug 20

John WesleyIn the last couple of days I have been going over John Wesley’s sermons on the issue of sin and the believer and I thought I would recommend a number of his messages for you to read that relate to these subjects.

Next to understanding clearly what the Bible teaches on how to become a child of God by grace alone -through faith alone – I feel like the issue concerning temptation and sin is one of the most important that Christians – or those considering becoming Christians – need to have a proper Biblical understanding on.

Wesley held and taught the position that sin was “an actual, voluntary transgression of the law; of the revealed, written law of God” (The Great Privilege of Those That Are Born of God section II.2) and that “even babes in Christ are so far perfect as not to commit sin” (Plain Account of Christian Perfection section 12.2).

Wesley’s Messages That Address the Sin Question:
Sermon 13 — On Sin in Believers
Sermon 18 — The Marks of the New Birth
Sermon 19 — The Great Privilege of Those That Are Born of God
Sermon 40 — Christian Perfection

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