Apr 07

Jesus The Light Of The WorldNothing can quench the joy in my soul placed there by Jesus. He is my prophet, my priest, my King, and yes he is God to me.

I would rather die that disobey him. I willingly do anything, go anywhere, speak at his prompting, and proclaim his message at his very command.

He controls me, and I love him for it. For him I will disobey all others no matter what the cost, be it life, limb, fellowship, or friend.

His message has torn from my heart the will to live after the flesh, eyes, and the carnal mind or to gather gain, or live selfishly.

The hold that the enemy of soul had upon me has been destroyed, I am forever his, a servant of Jesus. Where he goes I will follow.

It is my joy to praise him, to obey him, to share his message, to talk to him, to memorize his words, to meditate on him. He is my lover and I have no others.

I forsaken all for Jesus and will continue to do so until death brings me to his loved face.

With joy I leave behind friends, professed-Christians, family, and all others.

Who will come and walk with Jesus. Who will flee the harlot city that will not be seperated from its beloved sins. Who will leave dogma and doom behind and spend and be spent in the service of Jesus.

He is calling, can you hear him?

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