Feb 14

I Want More Of JesusJesus is the lover of my soul,
Jesus is the lover of my soul,
Jesus touched me, made me whole,
Reached way down, and saved soul,
Jesus is the lover of my Soul.

Jesus is the lover of your soul,
Jesus is the lover of your soul,
He can change you, just right now,
He can do it, He knows how,
Jesus is the lover of your soul.

–Bob Mutch

I know this is a pretty simple song, but I made it up tonight when I was passing out tracts. I sung it to the people as I offered pamphlets to them and got a very good response. I could see right away a lot more people would take my booklet.

Of course I sang it loud and with all my heart, and many people smiled when they took my booklets, and one person even told me I have a nice voice — all glory to Jesus. The singing seemed to have a very good effect.

When it got a bit later and there were not so many people, I tried to do a bit of street preaching. I have done this a couple of times in front of Jack’s Bar and a couple of other times at Dundas and Richmond. I have been praying and asking God to help me to be bold for him, to not be ashamed of Him.

Here are a few of the things I would say to the people:

There is only pleasure in sin for a season, then bondage, bitterness, and remorse.
Jesus can save you from your drugs, alcohol, and carousing.
Jesus loves you and wants to give you a better life.
Living for Jesus is so much better than living after the flesh.
Jesus satisfies the soul.
Jesus saved me from a life of sin and he can save you too.

Then I would sing some at the top of my voice. I really felt the blessing of the Lord upon my soul and at times I was so joyful I had to hoop and holler praises to God.

Yes — I had good night in the Lord. I completely love to share the gospel and do tract work.

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One Response to “Jesus Is the Lover of My Soul”

  1. 1. Primitive Christianity Says:

    Sounds interesting! Being bold with God’s Word has a good effect on the preacher, if not the listeners.
    Another tactic that some people use is Gospel signs. Watchman Gospel Signs provides ready-made signs for vehicles or yards, as well as to hold on the street corner so that all passing vehicles notice the message. The “Articles” link on the site has some interesting stories of the use of signs.

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