Jan 29

Susan has been doing more of the shopping since she got home mid month. This month, as far as I can remember, I have purchased only discounted food.

A couple of times I when out to Timmy’s with friends and purchased a muffin but other than that it has been whatever Susan purchased. My aim is to spend less money, or should I say waste less money.

For November I am not sure what new thing I will be trying. Perhaps going out 1hr each day and witnessing, or eating just beans and rice like they do in some countries, or retiring early and getting up at a very early hour.

By going a bit overboard and then loosing up to a position that is more practical is a good way to make a change. I have been spending way to much money on food and this months practice will help me do better in the months to come.

I really like the idea of just eating just beans, rice, tortillas, lettuce, and tomatoes for a month, or perhaps just beans and rice.

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