Jun 12

iPhone Unlock London OntarioUnlocking your iPhone lets you use it with what ever Carrier you want to. I do iPhone Unlock in London Ontario, St Thomas, Aylmer, Tillsonburg, and the surrounding areas.

In this post I will go over the different kinds of iPhone Unlocks there are.

There are 3 ways to unlock the iPhone.

NOTE: Posted a comment and don’t get an answer — text or call me at 519-636-6636

1. Hardware Unlock — you pay the carrier $50 plus tax and they hardware unlock it, this can’t be lost.

2. Software Unlock — you jailbreak and use an unlock tool called ultrasn0w to unlock your modem baseband, on the iPhone4 this only works on modem version 1.59.00 which was the first iphone 4 modem version. Phones with this version of modem firmware are rare because when you upgrade the iOS, Apple does a modem firmware upgrade at the same time. iPhone 4 with 2.10, 3.10, 4.10, and 4.11 can’t be unlocked at this time.

On the 3G or 3GS you can unlock any modem firmware that is pre-4.14. So in Settings–>General–>About under Modem Firmware if you have 5.13, 5.12, 5.11, or 4.26 firmware your iPhone 3G/3GS can be unlocked.

With all 3G or 3GS iPhones you can update them to the iPad1 6.15 firmware and then they can be carrier unlocked also.

3. SIM Unlock — Gevey (have to reset every time you power down the phone), Gevey-Pro (have to reset for data every time you power down the phone), SIM-Rewrite (rewrites your sim code and some of the Gevey code onto a new sim), and a few others.

The best is hardware unlock.

A word of caution on having your iPhone modem firmware updated to 6.15.

This has caused a lot of iPhones GPS to fail. Now Beijing iPhone Repair is getting lots of these problems and not only GPS but Bluetooth and erasing of the IMEI number where you phone is bricked.

If you want your phone software unlocked I can do it for $30. Phone me now at 519-666-6666 for free support!

It is better to do a Carrier swap. I do Carrier swaps for $75. You have a Bell and want a Rogers, I take your Bell and give you a Rogers phone of the same quality for $75.

Here are 5 reasons “6.15ing” your 3G/3GS iPhone should be a last resort.

1. Always Require A Custom IPSW — Once you flash the baseband to 06.15.00 you can never restore the offical iOS software again and if you do it will put your phone into a recovery loop which requires hacker tools to recover from. Any time you want to update the iOS software you will need to use a jailbreaking utility like sn0wbreeze (PC) or Pwntool (Mac) to restore a custom created IPSW file.

2. Warranty Void — It will void any warranty that you have with apple.

3. Break GPS — It breaks the GPS but A-GPS, as in Google Maps, will still work where there are lots of WiFi hotspots.

4. Brick Your Phone — In some cases it can also break your Bluetooth, erase your IMEI number, and cause yoru baseband chip to fail. http://www.beijingiphonerepair.com/fix/no-imei-no-bluetooth-and-no-wifi-error-on-iphone-3g-or-3gs-is-due-to-baseband-chip-failure/

So why should you listen to me, I am 53 years old, I have been in IT for almost 30 years, I do hardware repairs on iPhones, I follow the top iPhone blogs, and I am in the know when it comes to this stuff.

Here are a some of my certs.

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