Feb 22

iPhone Home Screen$250obo iPhone 3g 16GB iOS 3.1.2 Jailbroken 3g Skype & Hotspotted

3.1.2 iOS. Jailbroken with Black Rain, lot of extra software, good shape, and nothing broken.

Comes with USB to iPhone charging cord, 12v USB car charger and 112v USB wall charger.

I and will demo it fully working and deliver to your home.

Has Skype installed that Skype works over 3g network (doesn’t need WiFi) you can call all landline numbers for unlimited long distance phone calls in US and CAN $1.95 a month.

Has MyWi installed so the phone is a hotspot over the 3g network using MyWi.

I used this for my WiFi iPad and it is fast!

Backgrounder gives you multitasking.

I posted on my blog telling how I blackra1ned my iPHone.

Here are some of the other software I have installed on the phone.

Cydia — offers app for download that Apple doesn’t offer, Free
Rock — offers app for download that Apple doesn’t offer, faster than Cydia, Free
Backgrounder — multi tasking, Free
3g-unrestrictor — run apps over 3g that are WiFi only $2
SBSettings (tenuis matte) — utility to access iPhone settings quick and easy, Free
Rotation Inhibitor — locks the screen rotation, Free
Mobileterminal — iPhone terminal (su root, alpine, passwd change root pw), Free
Multifl0w — iPhone multitasking interface, $5
Bite SMS — SMS with lots of nice features, 30d trial/$10
MyWi — makes your iPhone a WiFi hotspot, 9d trail/$9.95
Intelliscreen — see critical data like calendar appointments on Unlock screen, 9d trail/$10
Iconoclasm — allows you layout your icons any way you want I use 5×5 via Cydia, $3
SBOrganizer — provide a portable way to reorder your springboard application icons, $1

I would prefer to sell to some one that is on Rogers so all you need to do is buy a SIMM card that handles data and stick it in and will work.

I have had no problems with this phone at all. All the software works well and very seldom do I have to respring the phone (reboot it).

I am located in Aylmer but I will travel to London or whereever to demo the phone to you BEFORE you buy it.

So it doesn’t get much better. Jail broken by a geek, lots of extra software installed, Skype to landline, WiFi hotspot, no problems, normal wear and tear.

I am looking for a quick sale to someone that knows what they are looking for.

And yes of course I changed the root password.

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