Nov 23

RunKeeper Tracking 26:01I need an Internet Running Trainer.

Last Monday I ran 10km in 53:31 after a 1.5 month break and that was a bit to much. It took me 4 days before my legs got back to normal.

So this morning I ran only 5km. I came up with a PR (personal record) of 26:01. See today’s run on RunKeeper Website.

I will do my squats, situps, and pushups tomorrow and then work on breaking 26 minutes on Wednesday.

My new target is to break 25:00 which means I will have to run splits of 4:49. I did my 5th kilometer today in 4:46 so I am pretty sure I have it in me to pull off a 24:59.

RunKeeper Splits 26:01I talked to Tim at the London Running Room and he thinks with a lot of hard work a 20:00 5km is doable for a person my age (51 going on 19) bar medical issues. I am now looking for an Internet trainer that will help me get there.

Activity | Duration | Pace | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Run: 26:01 5:12 5.00km 11.55kmph 394c

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