Jul 22

ICIS LogoQuestion: If you were working on ICIS, what would be the first five things you would do to improve the search engine optimization and conversions from those visitors?

Answer: Here is a quick free 30 minute review of a Website I did for Avanta Serviced Offices in London, UK. This was a quickie and I only spent about 5 minutes looking at the site so it may need some fine tuning. These are the kind of reviews I do as a SEO Consultant for my SEO Company Website. A review like this would typically cost around $300 USD but I would include more points that just 5.

1. On-page — The first thing most Websites miss is full on-page optimization for their list of main key phrases and list of long tail key phrases.

Make a list of ~200 of their key phrases and ~2500 long tail key phrases. Then either create pages for these or convert pages for these key phrases. That means the key phrase only in the page title tag.

The page title tag is especially important for long tail key phrases where you are ranking on site authority and on-page optimization only. Branding should not be done in the page title tag as that dilutes the relevance of the key phase placed in that tag. That is similar to adding branding to the anchor text of inbound links pointed to your site which dilutes ranking juice you would received for the key phrase you are targeting.

Key phrase dashed in the URL, at the beginning of meta description followed with a call to action (put it in the meta keywords), in h1/2 tags, bold in the first paragraph, and in the content.

2. Blogs — The next thing I do is work on their 10 blogs. On-page optimization, some social media work, some sharing plugins, submitting them to all the blog directories, high quality designs, proper formatting, white space, and text layout, picture in every post, and getting the blogs home page to rank for main key phrases prospective clients would be searching on for blog information in their space.

I would re-announce the blogs, do regular press releases on your top post of the month, have the team of blogger be involved in commenting on similar blogs, get RSS subscriptions going, get sites to put RSS feeds on their sites, get t-shirts made that promote the blog and give them out, send the bloggers to all relevant shows, and the list goes on.

They have quality information in these blogs and I think it could be used to pull in customers from the top down.

3. Quality Website Resources — Create quality resources and ask the internet community to link to them. Target .gov and .edu sites.

4. Blog Reviews — Get other relevant blogs to do reviews of the site. Give them a framework review and ask them to add, subtract, and personalize. This way you control the URLs and anchor texts. I don’t mean pay-per-post blog reviews, but reviews based on the merit of the site.

5. Site Design — Make the site faster, the navigation better, the design smarter, and enhance the eye candy appeal.

I could provide the top 5 things I would do to increase conversions but I would need access to the sites stats.

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