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King James VersionOne of my greatest objects against the King James Translation is that it is a translation that is tainted by the doctrine of Calvinism. In Hebrews 6:6 we have a clear example of strong Calvinistic influence. This is a good reason why we should not just be reading or studying with one translation.

Here is a list of other translations that it would be good for you to have access to:

NASB — New American Standard Bible
YLT — Young’s Literal Translation
NKJV — New King James Version
NIV — New International Version
AB — Amplified Bible
ESV — English Standard Version

and then have fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they again crucify to themselves the Son of God and put Him to open shame. Heb 6:6 NASB

“Verse 6. If they shall fall away] kai parapesontav

And having fallen away. I can express my own mind on this translation nearly in the words of Dr. Macknight: “The participles fwtisqentav, who were enlightened, geusamenouv, have tasted, and genhqentav, were made partakers, being aorists, are properly rendered by our translators in the past time; wherefore, parapesontav, being an aorist, ought likewise to have been translated in the past time, HAVE fallen away. Nevertheless, our translators, following Beza, who without any authority from ancient MSS.

has inserted in his version the word si, if, have rendered this clause, IF they fall away, that this text might not appear to contradict the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints. But as no translator should take upon him to add to or alter the Scriptures, for the sake of any favourite doctrine, I have translated parapesontav in the past time, have fallen away, according to the true import of the word, as standing in connection with the other aorists in the preceding verses.”

Dr. Macknight was a Calvinist, and he was a thorough scholar and an honest man; but, professing to give a translation of the epistle, he consulted not his creed but his candour. Had our translators, who were excellent and learned men, leaned less to their own peculiar creed in the present authorized version, the Church of Christ in this country would not have been agitated and torn as it has been with polemical divinity.

It appears from this, whatever sentiment may gain or lose by it, that there is a fearful possibility of falling away from the grace of God; and if this scripture did not say so, there are many that do say so. And were there no scripture express on this subject, the nature of the present state of man, which is a state of probation or trial, must necessarily imply it. Let him who most assuredly standeth, take heed lest he fall.”
–Adam Clarke

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One Response to “If They Shall Fall Away”

  1. 1. Pastor Mikie Henderson Says:

    I really did try to read the entire article by Adam Clarke. All I got out of it was he is his own final authority. Basically all he did was use a bunch of fancy words, anglo-saxonized greek words, and a whole lot of BLAH BLAH BLAH to express it. I think this man needs a hobby. He certainly isn’t generating faith in the Bible. I see this a lot: someone doesn’t like what the Bible says, so they try and change it using so-called original-language words that they themselves don’t know what they mean. Just a bunch pride and arrogance.

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