Dec 29

This may be a good way to do get your self an Velomobile in two steps for around $6,247.00.

You start out with a ICE Trice QNT Recumbent Trike that sells new for around $2,022USD and then add a Borealis Velomobile body later.

The Borealis Velomobile body is made by Rainforest Designs Ltd, manufacturer of Nimbus Kayaks. The Borealis shell, roof, running lights, turn signals, and headlights will run you $4,225 CDN.

Borealis Velomobile Cutaway:
Borealis Cutaway

Borealis Velomobile Side:
Borealis Side

Borealis Velomobile Rear:
Borealis Rear

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One Ping to “ICE Trice QNT Recumbent Trike In A Borealis Shell”

  1. Dehmer Says:

    really good article…

    I must say, its worth it! My link: ,many Thanks….

3 Responses to “ICE Trice QNT Recumbent Trike In A Borealis Shell”

  1. 1. dennis wells Says:

    the real problem with recubance are the hight. they are sooooo low that even on our roads in PEI you do not see them

  2. 2. Cullen Carter Says:

    I don’t think the added-aerodynamics offset the added-weight…

  3. 3. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    If they are bright red or yellow and with lights and a flag other vehicles should be able to see them. Of course you don’t want to take it on 100km highways.



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