Jan 01

africaFor some time now I have had a desire to go to Africa for a month just to see how bad the conditions are. I believe it would have a lasting effect on me.

The World Health Organization estimates that 33 percent of the current world population is under fed and another 33 percent is staving. Nearly one in four people live on less that $1 per day.

Here on the first day of 2010 I sit here with tears running now my face as I consider the terrible condition that this world is in, and it is only getting worse.

And if you think that is bad what about all the souls that are dying without salvation. According to the Bible the cause for all this suffering is sin.

I have made a commitment to myself to consume less resources and to completely thankful this year. Complainers are blind, heartless, and ignorance of how good they have it. May God wake them up!

Last week I started making a point of buying foods that are discounted. In the morning both No Frills and Value Village [Value Mart] have lots of foods at 50% discount.

Below are picture of a couple of shops I have done where all that I bought was discounted foods.

Food Savings:

Food Savings

More Food Savings:

More Food Savings

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3 Responses to “I Want To Go To Africa”

  1. 1. Becky de Wit Says:

    >>>>Last week I started making a point of buying foods that are discounted. In the morning both No Frills and Value Village have lots of foods at 50% discount.

    Maybe it is VALUE MART??? =)

    We have a cookbook that is called More-with-Less which is packed full of suggestions on how to eat better and consume less of the world’s limited food resources. You can purchase it at Pathway and it talks about this very thing.

    I like to slip over to Sobeys at night as they have their ‘going out of date’ meats on for 1/2 price then. It makes a big difference.

    As next year will be tough on us with starting the produce farm, I am also looking for ways to make do with less. It is an added challenge…

    Blessings to you.

    smiles, Pieters queen

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    LOL, to funny. Yes it is Value Mart. Not sure where I got Value Village on that one : )



  3. 3. dennis Says:

    Hi Bob
    Actually Africa has come to you. Even here on the island we have 1000 or more students from the middle east and Africa just dying to have a business relationship with a person like you with your knowledge.
    This year UPEI increased by almost 2000 and expects to do the same next year.
    The universities near you are full of your target mission field.
    Get in touch with Inter Varsity or International Students and be a blessing.

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