Sep 18

Half MarathonI took a break from running and biking for a week to give my body a rest. Party also because I got bit discouraged about loosing all my activities that I have been recording on RunKeeper. There was a bug in the software where if you removed an activity from the RunKeeper app on the iPhone it would remove it from the website also.

My 3G iPhone RunKeeper app was getting very slow with around 40 activities on it so I deleted them all and then found out that also deleted them on the RunKeeper website. Runkeeper just rolled out a new update and I just testing things and it is still not fixed.

Today I changed my route and cycled 25km and ran 21.3km. My iPhone GPS stopped working in the middle of my 3rd 7.1km lap so I don’t have that run or my cycle back to home base recorded in RunKeeper. I did record my finishing time for my 3rd 7.1km lap so I would know what I did the half marathon in.

My half marathon time was 2:53:16.

Sept 18/09 Workout — 1987 Calories Burned

Activity | Duration | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Cycle: 26:51 12.49km 27.92kmph 216c
Run: 57:30 7.10km 7.43kmph 541c
Run: 55:55 7.12km 7.63kmph 507c
Run: 59:59 7.10km 7.1kmph 507c
Cycle: xx:xx 12.49km xx.xxkmph 216c

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