Aug 14

Raiding The FridgeOkay I owe quite a bit of calorie tax now. I am behind in my payments from Wednesday by 250 calories, and from Thursday by 1540 calories.

On the way home from the chess club in London I stopped and picked up some Romaine lettuce at Price Choppers. Well I picked up a box of Haagen-Dazs Miniatures too which cost me 720 calories.

When I got home I had two 100 gram yogurts with 15 grams of almonds in each one. Then when I woke up at 2am in the morning I had 4 more 100 gram yogurts with 15 grams of almonds in each yogurt.

These things happen to everyone. I am not sure yet if I will try to pay the calorie tax off on these with my Elliptical Trainer or not. When I do things like this I just refocus, get back on track, and move ahead.

I think there is room build into my calculation anyway to handle 1800 calories over my limit. This may happen a couple more times before the 25 days is up. I try to limit it but its just part of dieting. Some times you get off track and break you calorie limit.

I always like to think it could have been worse!

I Owe 1800 Calories:
Wednesday Calorie Tax I Still Owe
Thursday Calorie Tax I Still Owe

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