Sep 24

I feel bad for the wasps that hang around my door in the fall and want to come in and have some food. So quite often in the fall I will take out my honey jar and share with them. I didn’t get every many this morning but sometimes I have had up to 50 to 100 wasps eating honey.

They know the honey is coming for me and they have no problem trusting me and handing on my finger then it has lots of honey on it. Some of them even let me pet them.

I love all of God’s creatures and think that we should have have a good attitude toward all living beings.

Wasps Like Honey:

Wasps Like Honey

Two Trusting Wasps:

Two Trusting Wasps

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2 Responses to “I Like Wasps And Wasps Like Me”

  1. 1. Kristin Says:

    My Dear Brother,

    Mom told me to check your website re a picture but when I started reading about your interactions with the wasps and I had such a great laugh. I too do not mind a wasp landing on me. I have not tried feeding them though! Great pictures. I think you are a “wasp whisperer”

    Love from your sister Kristin

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Kristin,

    I love you lots and think of you often. I am glad my wasp pictures gave you some chuckles.



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