Sep 24

I was feeling bad for the wasp that I hurt so I took them out some more honey and they swarmed me before I got the honey out of the spoon and onto the deck railing. Impatience little fellows. I had to drop the spoon and run for cover into the house.

Seems for some strange reason they were a bit upset with me or something. Weird!

Of course after they got my honey they weren’t to concerned about me being there. Very interesting.

They Took My Honey

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2 Responses to “I Just Got Robbed By Wasps”

  1. 1. Pearl Mutter Says:

    Bob, have you been restored to the Restoration?

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Pearl Mutter,

    The Restoration doesn’t want me and I don’t want their bigoted and sectarian ways. So the answer to your question is a resounding NO!

    Like I told me dear wife, I would have to backslide to go back to them.


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