Jun 07

Wheat GrassI was in London today so I when to the 355 Wellington St. Booster Juice and bought a tray of Wheatgrass. The tray cost $10 and I was told that I should get 10oz of Wheatgrass juice from it.

Robin, who waited on me, kindly juiced the Wheatgrass for me. She only got 5oz from the tray but she added some from another tray so that I got 6oz.

She told me the owner does his own trays and he got different Wheat kernels and the yeild was way down. She told me typically they where getting 10oz from a 11″ x 21″ tray.

The juicer they are using for the Wheatgrass doesn’t seem to be very good as she ran the Wheatgrass through 2 or 3 times. The Wheatgrass seemed to come out wet.

I ended up with 6oz for $10 plus tax which is better than paying $2.99 for 1oz or $4.69 for 2oz. I can live with $1.67 per oz.

Wheatgrass doesn’t taste very good but then again I didn’t expect it to. I took the Wheatgrass juice with me and sipped 2oz in the next hour of so and when I got home I put 2oz in a fruit shake. I have 2oz let for tomorrow mornings shake.

I can tell you for sure that after I drank the Wheatgrass juice I didn’t feel like eating anything. Even thought I didn’t eat much today, (2 – 500g shakes, 4 bananas, 2 apples, and 2 muffins), after have 4oz of Wheatgrass juice today I am not hungry for anything.

Here Is Robin Cutting My Wheatgrass:
Robin Cutting The Wheatgrass

Here Is Robin Putting The The Wheatgrass In The Juicer:
Robin Putting The Wheatgrass Into The Juicer

Here Is The Tray Harvested:
Wheatgrass Harvested

Here Is What Is Left Of My Wheatgrass Juice:
Wheatgrass Juice From Booster Juice

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