Nov 05

I paid for 8 more toner refills on Monday at 2:42 pm, and the order arrived at my door today (Wednesday) at around 2:30 pm. 48 hours is a pretty good turn-around.

I paid $59.95 USD for the 8 toner refills and shipping. The helpful sales person added a Toner Hole-Making Tool at no extra cost (I am not sure why I did not buy it the first time). It is important to purchase this tool so that you will not have to use a drill to make the hole in the toner cartridge that you are refilling. When you drill a hole, you risk some plastic chips falling in. The Toner Hole-Making Tool is $7.95 USD.

You can call in your orders at 1-888-446-5695 and you will get a very helpful sales person to help you with your order. I found this vendor on eBay, which is one of the better places to find deals on the Internet. This eBay power seller dol-auctions maintains an eBay store called Distribution Online.

Here is the yield I got on with my last 8 toner refills:

1956 (1)
1946 (2)
1744 (3)
2311 (4)

1978 (5)
1994 (6)
2299 (7)
1967 (8)

So for $59.95 I saved purchasing 8 HP 2200D 96A cartridges which are $66 each. That works out to $528 for 8 cartridges for a savings of $468 after I pay for the 8 toner refills!

When your cartridge wears out you can pick them up pretty cheap. Here are a few places.

Ink Jet Superstore — $36.38 for a C4096A refilled with $5.95 shipping in Canada.
eBay — $15.95 for a C4096A refilled with $11.95 shipping to US and $26.00 shipping to Canada.

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