Sep 10

Post-workout Weight 09-10-09Follow my posts and you will see How To Lose Weight Cycling And Running. It is not enough to burn lots of calories in your workout but you must also limit your calorie intake, which will mean a life style change that includes eating lots of foods that have a high volume-to-calorie ratio.

Pre-workout Weight 09-10-09The more calories you burn in your workout the more calories you can comsume and still lose weight. My Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) currently is 1541 (156lb, 5′-7″, 51y, male).

I use a 1.2 muliplyer on my BMR as I am very active and hyper and easily burn 0.2x my BRM in all my zipping around through the day. This means on days I don’t workout I can comsume 1850 calories a day and not gain weight.

On days like today where I have cycled 25km and run 16km for a workout burn of 1518 calories, I could consume 3368 calories and not gain weight.

Above at the top-right you will see my post-workout weight of 152lbs and my pre-workout weight of 156.4lbs. These are both new records for me.

The bottom line in weight loose is burning more calories that you consume and making sure you do this daily so you don’t end up in yo-yo land.

Here is my workout for today.

Sept 10/09 Workout — 1513 Calories Burned

Activity | Duration | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Cycle: 27:12 12.42km 27.4kmph 210c
Run: 59:49 7.96km 7.96kmph 587c
Run: 1:03:35 7.88km 7.44kmph 512c
Cycle: 29:54 12.48km 25.03kmph 209c

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