Sep 09

Pre-workout WeightYou want to know How To Lose Weight Biking And Running — it takes time, hard work, self denial. I spend from 11:45am to 3:33pm Losing Weight Biking And Running today. That’s almost 4 hours — a lot of time!

I had to walk-run-walk the last 3km of my 16km run as my tummy felt so quizzy — Hard Work! I feel tired, my legs are stiff and I feel like going to bed. But hey — I burned 1526 calories!

No magic formulas, no pills to pop, no super berries to eat, just time, hard work, and self denial!

See ya tomorrow morning!

Below are the two legs of my 25km cycle and the two legs of my 16km run that gave me a 1526 calorie burn.

Activity | Duration | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Cycle: 22:48 12.52km 32.94kmph 225c
Run: 1:03:24 7.95km 7.52kmph 534c
Run: 1:10:52 7.95km 6.73kmph 534c
Cycle: 34:10 12.46km 21.87kmph 233c

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