Jan 06

Here is a Chinese phrase 圣经教导我们神的意愿。

If the above Chinese phrase looks like
Chinese Characters
then you don’t have Chinese set up on your computer correctly.

If the first Chinese phrase looks like the following then you have Chinese setup on your computer correctly.
Mandarin Characters

How To Install Chinese On Windows XP

1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
2. Open the Language and Regional icon.
3. Click on the Languages tab, and check the “Install files for East Asian languages” checkbox.
4. Click the Details button to open the Text services and input languages dialog.
5. If Chinese is not listed in the Installed Services box, click Add.
6. In the Input Language list, choose Chinese (PRC) and then click Ok.
7. The language bar should now have appeared in the bottom right of the taskbar. It should default to English – EN.
8. By changing the language to CH, you can now type in Pinyin. You can change the current language by pressing ALT + SHIFT on your keyboard.

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