Aug 07

Twitter LogoLately I have been spending more time on the micro-blogging social media site Twitter. I follow about 50 of some of the top Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultants on twitter. This helps keeps me up on the latest news in my field of work as a SEO/SEM Consultant.

I was going over the tweets from those I follow (their posts on Twitter) and I found a tweet by @randfish that pointed to his video on How to Get Re-Tweeted. Here it is with a short summary of Rand’s points and the video is at the bottom.

SEO Moz Whiteboard Friday — How to Get Re-Tweeted

1. Length — Make the tweet short (maximum length is 140 characters) enough so that “RT @username” and perhaps even “RT @username RT @username” can be added to the tweet without exceeding the 140 characters.

2. Time of Day — The time when most Twitterers are active is between 9am and 3pm GMT-5 or Pacific Time. 9am is the best time as you catch the UK people also.

3. Phrasing — Facts, announcements, images, “I can’t believe this…,

4. URL — Best to add a URL to the Tweet.

5. Profile — An interesting profile, an interesting picture, and high following all help your Tweets to be Re-tweeted.

6. Re-tweet Requests — Email people and ask them to re-tweet your Tweet, a link on each blog post so your readership can easily Tweet your posts.

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