Jul 30

When things in your life don’t go the way you want them and disappointments come there are five important things we as Christians must do.

#1. Don’t give into pity, depression, or discouragement:

Some of us by nature are more susceptible to depression and feel sorry for ourselves than others. The pity spirit is very harmful to our soul and brings with it depression and discouragement. As Christians we must refuse the spirit of self-pity, depression, and discouragement just like we would refuse sin.

#2. Go to prayer and ask God for help:

There is power in prayer. Power to over come the feels of self-pity, depression, and discouragement. I strongly suggest E.M. Bounds book on Power Through Prayer and also Purpose in Prayer. You can get Power Through Prayer and Purpose in Prayer in audio book form from Christian Audio. Also read over the section on prayer from How to be More Christ Like.

#3. Forget your problems by helping others:

Personally right now I am going through a time of heavy trials. I have just lost most of the Christians friends that I have made over the past 24 years due to being disfellowshipped by the congregation I attended. So what do I do? Wallow in self-pity? Give into depression and discouragement? No! Work for Jesus! Find those that have greater needs and problems than youself — and that is every one that is not saved.

#4. Allow your trials to build endurance:

When we go thought trials and go thought them with victory this will bring endurance to our soul. Jas 1:3 “Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.” The Young’s Literial Translation says endurance instead of patience. God allows us to go thought a life of trials in order for us to be ready for lives biggest trial — death.

#5. Realize God is equipping you to help others:

When we have gone though trials we are equiped to help others go thought the same trials. 2Co 1:3,4 “Blessed is God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of the mercies, and God of all comfort, who is comforting us in all our tribulation, for our being able to comfort those in any tribulation through the comfort with which we are comforted ourselves by God.”

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