Sep 03

155.4lbsCheck out today’s workout and you will see how to burn calories working out. The links below will show my GPSed 25km cycle and 16km run on Google Maps with the elevation and speed.

I did another fast first leg 12.68km cycle of 24:06 which is 31.57kmph. Yesterday I did the 1st leg 12.67km in 23:57. All I need is a calm day and my legs to be not to sore to pull 32kmph. Perhaps Firday will be the day.

Also I extended my run from 7.35km to 7.72km on Wednesday by adding a loop at the end of the Jaffa track. Then on Thursday I extended my run from 7.72km to 8.0km by looping around the buildings at the end of the Jaffa track and extending the end of my run to the top of the first hill instead of just half way up the hill.

I know I am really pushing the envelope by going to 2 x 8km a day but I am listening to my body and if it complains to loud I will cut back to one lap every second day.

My post workout weight was 155.4. Below are my 4 workout legs in RunKeeper.

Activity | Duration | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Cycle: 24:06 12.67km 31.57kmph 232c
Run: 1:01:58 8:01km 7.75kmph 561c
Run: 1:04:04 8:07km 7.55kmph 551c
Cycle: 27:33 12:56km 27.35kmph 201c

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