Aug 28

When I was cast out of the Restoration congregation in Aylmer because I disagreed with some of their practices and teachings, I determined by the grace of God to not act like they would act toward me (I have been around them for 20 years and I know how they deal with those that leave or they put out).

I would not give railing for railing. I wouldn’t be rude toward them when they were rude toward me. I would not unsave them when they unsave me. I would not slander them when they slandered me. I would not shun them when they will shun me. I would not refuse to speak to them then they refuse to speak to me. I would not take down their meeting notices they put up when they take down my booklets I put up.

I would not rejoice when things go wrong for them like they will rejoice when things go wrong for me. I would not paint their conduct in the worse possible way like they will do to me. I would not repeat evil stories I hear about them like they will no doubt repeat those they hear about me. I wouldn’t dredge up all their past faults and failures and spread them around like they will of me.

Instead, I will with love, pray for them, ask God’s blessings upon them, continue to brother them, stand up for them when they are misrepresented and slandered, present them in the best light I can, not hold their sins against them but hope they are doing these things in ignorance. When I differed with them it would be only on their doctrine and practices and even then I will testify of all the good teachings and practices they have and all the wonderful truth I have learned from them.

I have determined in my heart to rejoice when they do wrong to me and to forgive them 7 times 70 each day for the rest of my life.

This is the way the Lord would have us to act toward those that abuse us, that cast us out, that count us apostate, that refuse to fellowship with us and influence others to do the same — just because we disagree with them on non-essential practices and doctrine.

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2 Responses to “How To Act Toward Those That Do You Wrong”

  1. 1. Ed & Sue Schier Says:

    We have been very thankful how God has dealt with us along these lines over the past number of years as well.
    I was reminded again this a.m. of how we were put out back in 2000. None of us ever had the intent or ever expected to leave the Restoration. Even with all the things that happened around the time of ministers meeting in California, it was never anyone’s intent to leave. So we also have seen and felt the carnality that was manifested from those in leadership and how they influenced their flock. We know what it is to be cast out and be evil spoken of for righteousness sake. Through it all we have learned more the wondrous “secret of abiding in the Lord”. Our only desire is to see all souls prosper and do well in their walk with the Lord. It may have been easier for all of us back then, since we were all put out at the same time. It has helped our family a lot to have been in touch with our brethren that have stayed faithful, through the many perplexing times since then.

    you asked about our involvement with Charity. We only went to one weekend meeting in South Dakota. It was a breath of fresh air at that point in our experience, and for many there as well. Unfortunately, for many there that weekend that special bond that was experienced there that weekend was not to be known amongst them for long. Soon after differing factions(spirits) sought to gain control and take that small group back into bondage according to their beliefs and as far as we know most moved on in their spiritual journey parting ways. There was a family that moved out to Manitoba to work with the Hutterites there. Since they had come with an agenda and they sensed we were not interested in joining another closed fellowship we we never saw much of them after that.

    We are thankful for all that we have learned over the past 25 years and with the help of the Lord we learned to sort out what was of his spirit and what was of man. We are glad to let the wood, hay and stubble burn up in our lives and only desire the gold that has been tried in the fire. Those that have failed to do so have lost their way and we trust will yet be able to again hear the voice of the shepherd.

    For the most part those in the Restoration are either in denial of what they see and know to be inconsistencies in there or are ignorant of what is really happening. They willing believe the lines they are continually fed about others, new doctrines and whatever so they are happy in there. I don’t say that with any malice. It is the conclusion we came to about much of our own experience in that group the last number of years we were in there. If we had heeded the spirit more carefully on a personal level we would have honestly had to question things more than we did. That is just what you did.

    We trust that you will continue to be blessed and encouraged this weekend. The Hightowers are only about 6 hours away and they would love to hear from you some time if you have not already contacted them. 937-374-0604 Bro. Jim works afternoon shift and is home in the mornings.

  2. 2. Elizabeth Says:

    I really appreciate this. I have just escaped this movement myself after being their for over a decade, and I need to commit Matt 5:44 to memory and practices as the lies, slander and defamation of my Christian character come. Thanks for posting this.

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