Sep 07

RunKeeperI carbed up early this morning around 5:30am, I did a small pre-cycle/protein about 1 hour before my cycle, and then about 30 minutes before I started I downed 2 cups of water.

I was really to go at it and break 33kmph over a 12.5km cycle route.

Here is a graph of my elavation and speed over distance:
Cycle First Leg 9-07-09

There was an average wind and while I boken my personal best of 32.73kmph over 12.5km by 4/1000s of a second I didn’t reach 33kmph average. I need to take 6 seconds off my time to get 33kmph.

I know I need to push myself harder but at the same time I realize I need to pace myself. Currently I don’t feel like I am expending all the energy that I could and that I can get a better time that I am getting.

Below are 5 targets I tryed for in today’s route. I got a personal best in 4 out of 4 but I only met one of the five targets, one other was 0.4kmph off, and the other three targets were quite a bit off. I will try these again tomorrow.

I came up with these by going over the data recorded by RunKeeper from the last four times I cycled the same route. The blog post How To Use Runkeeper To Cycle Faster goes over how I used the RunKeeper data to come up with these changes.

5 Targets Based On RunKeeper Data:
1. Crank up over 45km right at the start at 0.339km point (best time 39.8km) — I came close to reaching this target with 44.5km.
2. Crank up over 45km at Alexander Dr and Kyle Cr at 1.1km point (best time 44.6km) — 41km seemed to be the best I could do with the wind blowing against me so I didn’t reaching this target.
3. Crank up over 50km at Catt Ln and Rogers Rd at 4.0km point — 1st big downhill (best time 41.4km) — 37.2km was the best I could pull.
4. Crank up over 50km at Southdale Ln and Springwater Rd at 10.8km point — 2nd big downhill (best time 43.7km) — I met my target on this one with 50.6km.
5. Crank up over 50km on Conserveation Ln at the 12.12km point — 3th big downhill (best time 42.3km) — 43.2km was just enough to brake my best time I missed my target of 50km by quite a bit.

7 Additional Tips:
1. Don’t start to early in the morning when it is still cold and not to late when it is to hot.
2. Eat 500c of carbs 3 hours before your cycle.
3. Drink two cups of water 30 mins before you cycle.
4. Oil your chain before you start.
5. Ride as light as you can (no water bottles, no extra attachments on your bike – lights, pump, extra tire etc).
6. Attach your recording device to your bike.
7. Focus and hype yourself up for a new personal best.

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