Dec 27

Homeless In VancouverThere are a number of designers that are exploring humanitarian temporary housing designs for street people or those hit by natural disaster.

Winfried Baumann designs are instant housing or homeless people.

the Instant Housing Shelter is equipped with a retractable padded bed, first aid kit, mirror, whistle, multi tool, flashlight and plastic hood with viewing window.

Here are some prices for temporary housing.

This one would be very good for homeless people. The government could issue a home like this to all the homeless people in Vancouver. They could also issue a bike so to give the homeless the ability to move around.

There could be a locked down 12 volt heating system that would heat the home shell. Heating the shell of the home would limit the chance of a fire, the lock down of the heating system to make sure there is no modifications done, and the 12v would minimize the dangers of electrical shock.

The city would then provide areas where these could be parked and plugged into a 12v system.

Home For The Homeless:

Home For The Homeless Opened Up:
Home For The Homeless Opened Up

Home For The Homeless Ready To Move:
Home For The Homeless Ready To Move

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