Sep 29

You want a better home? Try declaring October as “Home Improvement Month”. Print out yesterday’s article Tips for a Happy Happy Home and sit down with your children and go over each of the 12 points. That is what I just did with the Weaver family.

We all got around the table and I read each point and then asked each person to provide their thoughts. Here are just a few of the things that were shared.

1. It was brought out that if we can see our own faults better, we will not be as concerned in pointing out others faults. Also it was noted that people that are quick to pointing out faults of everyone else usually don’t see their own very well.

2. There was lots of discussion on bearing with the faults of others:

a) Don’t be each other’s Holy Spirit.

b) The Lord may be dealing with a person on something much more important that what you see, and correcting them could become a distraction.

c) If a person is being corrected all the time for all kinds of things, it can lead a person to be overwhelmed to the point where they are discouraged.

3. After we discussed the importance of not doing things that aggravated each other, we then when around the table and each person shared some thing that aggravates them.

4. One of the family members brought out that life is just to short to hold a grudge and another noted that we can’t afford to hold things against others as we can be lost for this.

5. After we all discussed the importance of saying “please”, “thank you”, and “sorry”, we went around the table a number of times saying these out loud. This was to emphasize that these words need to be used very often as a part of our vocabulary.

6. To encourage each other when we see one another doing a good job. Each person picked a helpful thing that they had done in the home and then the others – one by one – thanked them using a full sentence.

It took us about 45 minutes to get through the first six items, so – Lord willing – we will be covering the second six on Tuesday. I will try to keep better notes of what was discussed so that I can post them here for your benefit.

Each person in the Weaver home made a commitment to read the 12 Tips for a Happy Happy Home in their morning devotions, and to put in an extra effect to practice them for the month of October.

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