Dec 19

Christian Meditation–Everything in the Christians life is to be directed to conforming to Christ.

–The Christian is not to use their own wisdom but to use God’s wisdom.

–Fruit of the Spirit is not an activity.

–True joy, assurance, peace, and hope don’t come from the Christians performance but from what God has done for the Christian through the finished work of Christ.

–The Christians source of power is God and his grace.

–God wants to work death in the Christian. The work of God in the Christian starts with death to sin at salvation and through the Christians whole life God works death to self and following the flesh.

–Christians must remember that without God they can do nothing.

–Christians will start to pray like they should when they realize that without God and his grace they can do nothing.

–The Christian must meditate each day on the thought that God loves them.

–If the Christian only has joy when their devotions are good, their conduct is perfect, and their day just when right, then they have become idolaters as their have become the source of their own joy.

–Fruit in the life of a Christian comes from abiding in Christ not the other way around. Abiding in Christ doesn’t come from having fruit. When a Christian abides in Christ the fruit of the Spirit will be there.

–Struggling Christians intermittently commit willful and known sin because of their lack of love for God.

–The Christian must flee from all preachers that teach that committing willful or known sin is compatible with living a saved Christian life.

–The Christian must die so Christ can give in them.

–The Christian can tell how much confidence they have in the flesh by how much they pray.

–Holiness is the separation from things that displease God.

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One Response to “Holy Thoughts To Meditate On”

  1. 1. Bruce Says:

    I don’t understand the contemplation “–The Christian must die so Christ can give in them.”

    I learned meditation from Shambhala. Their objective is for meditation to develop the natural state of the human mind—at rest, open, alert.

    Learn Meditation

    Do see what they teach conflicting with Christian views?

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