Dec 19

Question and Answer–Are you loving and glorifying God to the degree that you can?

–How is your prayer life?

–Do you love to read the Bible?

–When is the last time you weep over a lost soul?

–Do you reach out to the lost with tracts and Bibles every where you go?

–Are you looking for the return of Christ?

–Are you preferring others above yourself in all things?

–Have you consecrated to live a selfless life with no rights?

–Do you have a holy hatred for all sin in your heart?

–Are you a complainer?

–Do you daily ask your spouse what you can do for them?

–Is your employer very impressed with your work ethics?

–Do you do everything to the glory of God?

–Are you always referring to yourself in conversations?

–Do you love the praise of man?

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