Apr 19

Duane & Dorothea MaxeyHoliness Data Ministry, which is run by Duane & Dorothea Maxey, offer via postal mail Holiness Books in electronic format on DVD’s in PDF and TXT format.

You can view the Authors and Titles of these books on their site.

Holiness Data Ministry DVD discs are the fruit of labor across more than twelve years, and we have invested thousands of dollars in their creation and publication. Nevertheless, they are not sold. Rather, at our discretion, and as we are able, we distribute them on a genuine, freewill offering basis. We make no suggested amount for the offering, nor do we dun or bill for the discs shipped.

From 1992 until into 1997, they made their data freely available on diskettes, and from 1995 until later in 1997 they made their digital publications freely available on the Internet.

HDM publications are now available on DVDs. Generally, they do not distribute by email entire publications that are on their discs. They do, however, email HDM Selections, Articles, Power Point Files, and Information to those who wish to be on their Email List. There are 3 different types of files on HDM DVDs: TXT, PDF, and PPS (Power Point Files), and these discs contain literally thousands of files.

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One Response to “Holiness Books in Electronic Format”

  1. 1. shirley ball Says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase a copy or cd of “There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere” by Dr.Lawerance Hicks.If you can help me with this,please do.This is a mission of love for one of the best Nazarene ministers there could be!! Thank you and God bless..keep up the good work.Shirley Ball

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