Aug 12

I usually have a Healthy Fruit & Nut Shake after my workout. You have no idea how tasty this shake is until you try it. You get the sweet fruit taste with the crunchy taste of all the different nuts. Try it some time — you’ll love it.

Here is all the stuff I put in it:
Healthy Fruit And Nut Ingredients

And the shake:
Healthy Fruit And Nut Shake

Hmmm that tasted good!

Okay now wait until you see how much the calorie cost is. I have been guessing these shakes are about 500c to 750c. I took the time to weigh every thing out and below is the list of ingredients. This one was 926c. Ouch!

I can see I am going to be paying lots of calorie tax today.

Healthy Fruit & Nut Shake

Olive Oil 6g 53c
Avocado 48g 61c
Walnuts 9g 59c
Brazil Nuts 9g 59c
Sunflower Seeds 9g 50c
Pumpkin Seeds 10g 55c
Almonds 12g 72c
Poppy Seeds 5g 27c
Sesame Seeds 7g 39c
Flaxseed 7g 37c
Almond Meal 5g 30c
Hemp Nuts 11g 62g
Pineapple 111g
Blueberries 82g 58c
Grapes 53g 37c
Honey 11g 33c
GNC ISO Whey Protein 22g 85c
Water 1 cup 0c

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One Response to “Healthy Fruit & Nut Shake”

  1. 1. Todd Hurts Says:

    Also a healthy berry drink with this would work well.

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