Sep 13

I have been trying to reading a page or so daily in Martyrs’ Mirror for 4 or 5 months now and it has been a huge blessing to my soul. I started reading in the Old Book which starts with accounts of Christian martyrs in 1524.

For the last week in Martyrs’ Mirror, I have been reading about Jerome and Lijsken Segers. There is a short account of their death and then 11 letters they send back and forth to each other. After much torture and many attempts to induce them both to apostatize, Jerome was burned alive and Lijsken was drowned in a sack.

I was deeply touched by Lijsken’s steadfastness and what she wrote in her letter that I read this morning in my devotions.

“Furthermore, I let you know, that I have been told that you heard I had forsaken the Lord; I was greatly surprised at. this. It is not so, nor ever shall be; but they have said it to draw you off and trouble you. They have lied about me; for I have never stood otherwise in my faith, than is proper, and am still of the same mind as I was when I lay with you, the Lord be praised. I have never wavered, for I would rather be tortured ten times a day, and ultimately be roasted on a gridiron, than forsake my faith, which I have confessed.

Therefore, though they tell you ever so much about my having apostatized, believe it not, for the devil does this, in order to seduce and deceive you thereby, for by the grace of God I shall never forsake the Lord. But I have been sick in my flesh for many days; however, my spirit was so much the stronger. I prayed the Lord, to send me still more suffering, if it would conduce to my salvation, and He gives me more and more strength and consolation, for which I cannot sufficiently thank Him. Herewith I commend you to the Lord. When you sing aloud, I can well hear you. I thank the Lord, that He still, gives you so much strength that I hear you sing.”

The strength and resolve that the Lord gave this dear sister very much blessed me in my soul and caused me to weep with joy to know the great power of God to bring his children thought every trial and temptation.

I can’t help but wonder how many Christians that have read the account of Lijsken’s steadfastness have received strength from the Lord for their small trials of life — I can surely say that I have.

The practice of reading Martyrs’ Mirror in my daily devotions has been God sent. The trials that the Lord has allowed to come my way have become so small they seem to be as nothing. How can I complain thought out my day when I have read that morning of someone being burned alive for their faith?

I want to strongly recommend to all Christians to purchase a copy of Martyrs’ Mirror – if you don’t already have a copy – and make it a part of your daily devotions.

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