Sep 28

Running Silhouette

Monday was an exellent day for me to run a half marathon. There was a nice cool breeze with a light drizzle, I had carbed up the night before, I had just sleep 11 hours, and I had not run all weekend.

I couldn’t record the run in RunKeeper as it was clouded over and the iPhone GPS wouldn’t connect so I used my iPhone timer. I did 3 laps on the Springwater trail that were 7.1km per lap. I ran negitive splits with first lap 50:52 (7:10/km), second lap 47:25 (6:40/km), and third lap at 48:59 (6:53/km) for a total of 2:27:17.

The time of my first half marathon I ran back in September I timed in at 2:53:16. So my run today took 25:59 off that time. I was paced myself for a 2:30:00 run which is 7:06/km so I ran negitive splits which is what I wanted to do.

My next target to break is 2:15:00 which is 6:23/km. I am not sure what kind of training I will need to pull that off but I am currently looking into that.

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