Aug 19

Here are the routes I run and cycle. I used RunKeeper an iPhone app to capture the data. The interesting thing is this service is free! Here is a RunKeeper Tutorial and their RunKeeper FAQ.

I cycle from my home to Springwater Park — 12.5km. From the East entry point on Conservation Line I take the Main Trail going south, take a left at the bottom of the fourth hill onto the South Trail, go around the and then the North Trail — 5km.

Here is my 12.5km cycle route. I did this route 4 times today for a total of 50km:
Bike Route

Here is my 5km run route. I did this route 3 times today for a total of 15km:
Run Route

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One Response to “GPS Fitness Tracking With iPhone”

  1. 1. LogYourRun Says:

    Great post. If you would like to test out the LogYourRun iPhone application please send me an email and I will be happy to get you a promocode. The LogYourRun application is very battery conscious and I have been able to get 6 hours of biking done with 50% battery life still remaining (iPhone 4).

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