Nov 25

Information on installing Google Chrome OS On The Dell Mini 10v.

@Hexxeh has put together a build of Google’s Chromium OS. You can download the image via BitTorrent and then use 7zip to extract the img file.

Here is my Dell Mini 10v with Chrome OS running.
Google Chrome OS On The Dell Mini 10v

Here are a few of the problems I had. I posted these in the comments of the Chrome OS like lightning from a USB key article.

On my Dell mini 10v I have having problems with the numbers on the keyboard working. 1,2,3,4,7,8 don’t work. Any one seen this?

When I try to login first with my gmail account it tells me “network not connected and offline login fail”. So I used facepunch as a password. Any one got the login to work off the boot? After I facepunch in the network connection works fine.

My external USB keyboard doesn’t work under Chrome OS but works fine under XP? Whats up with that?

How do you shut this thing down? I have to press the power button and then when it comes back up it tells me Chrominum didn’t shut down correctly. So I logged out of gmail and gcalendar and it didn’t give me that message.

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