Sep 01

Sunday I attended the Good News Baptist Church meetings in Charlottetown, PEI.

Good News Baptist Church Building

Mark Reed, the pastor there, is a Pre-maill 4-point Calvinist but he preaches like an Arminian, which is a good thing.

Mark Reid

Even thought I am a dyed in the wool A-mill Weslyan-Arminian, I always find a blessing in Mark’s messages.

Mark is very doctronial and practical and I always enjoy his Sunday school teaching. I attend meeting there when ever I am visiting PEI.

This Sunday I got blessed by a message on Not Complaining (I plan to post on this in another post), and in the evening the message was on a Call To Pursue Holiness.

I didn’t take notes for the morning message but here are my notes for the evening message. Keep in mind these are my notes and they are a somewhat Weslyanized version of what Mark preached.

Christians Called To Pursue Holiness — By Mark Reid

–Text: 1 Thess 4:1-7
–This moring we saw how giving thanks in all things will help you to not complain.
–Tonight we will see how Paul beseechs and exhorts Christians in the name of Christ how we are to live so that they can please God.
–Obedience pleases God!
–We are to obey from love not for merits of works.
–When you are obediance you will abound more and more.
–We are to have a holy discontentment with where we are spiritually.
–Growing in holiness is not an option.
–The Word of God is our exercise machine – read it and be streached.
–2Pet 3:18 Grow in grace…
–The will of God is easy to find – follow the Word of God, be obedient.
–1Thess 4:3 This is the will of God… your sanctification – to be be consacrated and to live more holy.
–If something is wrong just don’t do it.
–The fish lurer looks good but it is deadly for the fish – all sin is deadly.
–Don’t give into unlawful desires.
–Don’t defraud the brethren – don’t gossip about others it is evil and sinful.
–God has called you to holiness! Avoid all things that are unholy. You are called to pursue holy living.
–Paul says in 1 Thes 4:8 that if you reject holy living you reject and despise God.
–This message should encourage you not discourage you. There are tools here for you to learn how to live holy.
–Let us go and do it congregation!

Closing Hymn: #496 I Surrender All

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  1. 1. dennis wells Says:

    Mark is a good man even if he is only a 4 pointer - he works hard to bring that little flock into the 20 th century [21st is still to come]

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