Nov 02

I was praying this morning and asking the Lord for safety on the dangerous roads as I was getting ready to go and pick someone up in London to take them to church meeting. I thought it was very interesting when the Lord clearly answered me.

He told me “if you want to be safe on the roads, do the following”:

1. Leave early so that you are not tempted to speed in order to be on time to where you are going.
2. Drive the speed limit.
3. Replace the tires that only have 10% wear left on them.
4. Pull over when you make cellphone calls.
5. Pull over when you are putting an address into your GPS.
6. Do not browse the Internet on your iPhone while you are driving.
7. Do not eat breakfast while you are driving.
8. Do not drive when you are tired.
9. Keep your eyes on the road, and check your mirrors often.
10. Keep both hands on the steering wheel while you are driving.

I smiled and said, “Thank you, Lord!”

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